Is It Not Possible To Find Great Robes For Women?

If you think that you want to find  really nice robes for women, and you want something that is not a housecoat, or lingerie, but a really nice bathrobe that she would wear right out of the shower or bath on bare skin, or even over pajamas, where do you look?

When you think robes, you might be stifling yawns, because the preconceived idea of women’s bathrobes in general is that they cannot really offer any sense of style, they aree just something that is worn indoors, the choice of fabrics is not like the fashion world of clothing worn out of the house for business or leisure where the styles and colors are unlimited. This is true, but you might be surprised at what stylish bathrobes are offered, as the design revolution has actually touched on the boring, mundane world of bathrobes for women and also men. But you have to want to find something better than the just the basic hotel robe, or what the department chain stores offer which is usually uninspiring. So, there is your challenge, to find that retailer out there that has raised the bar to match the tastes of those connoisseurs that appreciate attractive design in their furniture, home, automobiles, shoes, handbags etc

You might go store to store at the mall, even patronizing the better chain stores to see what they offer, but alas, the choice is uninspiring as the widest choice is always when they stock up for Christmas, otherwise it is the same old terry bathrobes that you find in all stores regardless of price point, they all seem to be the same. There is waffle weave in the lighter weight, but that is the same thing you see at the spa, a robe that is typically white, gets washed nightly, undistinguished. Why is there not any designers that  try to elevate boring robes for women to something better than what you see on the racks? The answer is that most people do not look to find something attractive when it comes to bathrobes, and the retailers meet those expectations by carrying the same thing year in and year out, they put a polo logo on the robe and that is enough to induce the buyer to think they have something unique. But, if there were a retailer that actually filled the void, and endeavored to create something that was soft  terry velour in !00% organic cotton, in colors such as sage green, or dramatic black, or if in white offer it in sculptured terry with complimentary trim, in various sizes, and different fabric weights, would that be more appealing? Of course it would, but where do you find such a retailer? Go online and type in ‘women’s luxury bathrobes’ and you will likely find a collection of bath-wear that you could not have imagined existed for women, expect better and you can find it.

If you search thoroughly, you can find colors, trims, terry velour in jacquard weaves that are sculptured liked ribbed that provide plush weight but still a pliable hang that does not weight one down, there are organic cotton for those that sleep better knowing that the environment is considered, you can get the robes for women monogrammed with initials, the better retailers even offer gift boxes, and personalized with greeting cards included, shipped to your door. How easy can it be? It is possible to find great women’s bathrobes!

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