Is Bathrobe a Solution to your Gift-Selection Woes?

You bet it is! We all have struggled with the perennial problem of selecting the right gift for someone and after failing miserably in doing so, went for the safe option of a gift card. It became imperative to find a product that appeals to everyone which also has high utility & perceived value. And voila! a plush & comfortable bathrobe emerged to make gift-giving a pleasure. You just can’t go wrong with a bathrobe as a gift and below we have tried to amass some reasons why.

Loved by Men & Women Alike

Comfort has no gender, so do bathrobes. Luxurious bathrobes providing utmost snugness are adored by women as well as men. Give your husband a plush bathrobe as a wedding anniversary gift while making a subtle suggestion about using it while relaxing on a Hawaiian beach! Or, perhaps, order a pair to have a great time together lounging in the sun.

Many Stylish Design Options to Choose from

Bathrobes come in various designs, colors, and collars. At Tisseron Design Studio, you’ll find luxurious shawl collar bathrobes for men & women in various designs (window pane, ribbed, zig zag, and waves) and colors (blue, vanilla, green, black, beige, olive, white, and their various combinations). These robes have more sleek ‘Slimline’ vertical pockets (instead of old patch pockets) to improve your style quotient.

Made of Fabrics that Accentuate Comfort

There are many different types of fabrics used for making robes. We offer plush bathrobes made of terry velour, double looped terry, lightweight pique, and lightweight terry velour. All of our robes are made of 100% organic Turkish cotton. Velour has a velvet-like smooth royal texture to it and terry robes are renowned for their absorption power. We offer robes with double looped terry inside and velour outside, so that you’ll get the best experience.

Don’t Fret About the Size

Bathrobes fit like a charm and you do not have to ask the recipients about their size (as it does not go well sometimes). We have robes in two sizes: Medium (48 inches/122 cm) & Large (52 inches/132 cm). Some people prefer medium length, though, majority of people go with the large 52 inch variant.

Endless Possibilities

You can wear bathrobes throughout the year and their use is not limited to bathrooms. Wear these comfortable and stylish robes while lying on the beach or beside the pool, relaxing on a cruise ship, soaking sun on your patio, when pampering yourself at a spa, etc. It will become your second skin that you may not want to take off, ever (there, you’ve been warned!).