How To Buy Male’s Bathrobes

This seems like an easy question with an obvious answer. You have decided that he needs a bathrobe, to replace that old one from college, or you are looking to find the perfect gift for dad on Father’s Day. Or birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Hannukah, whatever the occasion, finding bathrobes is straightforward and easy. But, finding a great one is tougher. And it will cost more, but if you want something special instead of the ubiquitous terry robe for $49.95 on Amazon ( free shipping included!) read on.

Think of the usual places you can buy a bathrobe. Hotels sell them, because they have lots of them that they stock in their rooms, but often these are white towels with sleeves, with their logo on the breast pocket so you can be a walking billboard at home for their hotel chain. They are designed with one thing in mind, to withstand nightly industrial washings as long as possible, which is to say, no trim, no color, often a poly/cotton blend which does not breathe or feel like 100% cotton, and looks like any other robe you  would have ever seen in a department store.

Speaking of which, the typical chain department store assigns the most junior buyer to the Male’s accessories purchasing position. These are young fashion school graduates that buy the same old thing from the same vendors the store has relied on forever, the endgame being, if it has a polo logo, but is still boring, it will sell, and if it is design-wise the lowest common denominator, it will find a buyer for Christmas, and not end up on the clearance table in January where it has to be marked down to sell. But you want something better, right?

The reason you chose travertine marble tiles in your  fancy bathroom is because you have a sense of style and are willing to find it and pay more for it. We created our company Tisseron because it seemed impossible to find true designer men’s bathrobes.

Tisseron Design Studio online is the world’s largest collection of luxury designer bathrobes for men and women in the world. Here you find colors in earth tones, sculptured fabrics in 5 different fabric weights from plush to lightweight, delivered to your door by UPS, in a complimentary elegant gift box. Not available in retail stores, where the conventional wisdom is to stock uninspired designs for uninspired shoppers, Tisseron actually employs innovative  fashion design principles, even offers vertical ‘Slimline’  pockets instead of the bulky patch pockets you find on all other bathrobes, comfort is the operative word. Turkish cotton is absorbent, soft, terry cloth was invented in Turkey to service the bath culture there, has been  the best quality despite imitations from others countries like China.

Tisseron Apres Bath Design, our design studio retail boutique online is now available in USA.

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