Luxurious Bathrobes

Experience Absolute Comfort & Style with Our Luxurious Tisseron Terry Bathrobes

Bathrobes are made to serve a singular purpose: comfort. It’s all about relaxing and feeling the utmost softness of terry against your skin. While out in the sun or unwinding at home, a bathrobe could be your ultimate companion. After all, there aren’t many among us who could resist the panache and coziness of these wonderful robes. Unlike what people used to think about bathrobes, today the possibilities are endless when it comes to design, color, and places where you can wear them.

Don’t Forget it While out in the Sun

While on the beach soaking up the sun after a delightful swim or lounging on your patio after a bath, you’ll love to be in a terry bathrobe as it will keep you cozy and dry while you enjoy the sun. As terry could absorb water, it is one thing that you cannot afford to miss while being outside.

Nothing Beats it when Relaxing at Home

Watching television, eating breakfast, taking a nap, wearing between bath, shower, and getting ready for work, etc., once you put it on, you will not want to get out of it. Their warmth and supreme comfort make them a better alternative to pajamas or a sweatshirt.

Not All Bathrobes Are White

If you think that bathrobes only come in white, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. We have an impressive assortment of bathrobes in many colors such as blue, vanilla, green, black, beige, olive, and their various combinations. In fact, there are various possibilities in design as well which you’ll find in our various terry bathrobes such as Windowpane robes (terry inside for high absorption), Ribbed robes, Zig Zag Weave robes, waves weave robes, etc.

Bathrobes that Care for the Environment

Our robes are made of 100% organic Turkish cotton so that we can do our bit to safeguard our environment against harmful effects of pesticides. This not only reduce the carbon footprint but protects you from any side-effects such as skin irritation and other allergies that are caused due to the use of harmful agricultural chemicals.