Everyone’s Favorite Terry Bathrobes for ladies

In all consumer categories, there is usually a market leader that is the preferred choice for whatever commodity these companies sell. When you think of smartphones, or tablets, one thinks of Apple, though there are other vendors that offer products that are just as competitive, but Apple leaps to mind for most, and that is because a brand has been developed with a great perception in the marketplace. There are endless other possibilities like Coach handbags, or Nike athletic shoes, HaagenDaaz ice cream. These names are synonymous with offering the best product in their category, and have religiously cultivated through, quality, customer service, and advertising to build mind share, the idea that their name is the first to leap to mind when one thinks about their product category. When new products come to market, there is often a lengthy period before they can hope to attain such prominence.

Tisseron Bathrobes for Ladies

Sometimes one can look at the product line and it is evident that there is something different and elevated about a product in a particular category. Tisseron Design of Massachusetts has endeavored to create the finest terry bathrobes for women and men, employing some design principles like sculptured terry, in 100% organic Turkish cotton, in colors that reflect the times such as Sage green, Atlantic blue, vanilla etc, as well as white with various contrasting braid trims that indicates a refined look for those that appreciate it. Furthermore, the world’s largest collection of robes for ladies from Tisseron is backed by a 110% customer satisfaction guarantee, and even arrives at your door in an elegant complimentary gift box. Personalization by monogramming initials is of course an option, and you can even have then hand write a personal message on a gift card, or they will include the blank gift card if you wish to write it yourself.

As Terry Bathrobes are very popular gifts for both genders, and is an easy choice because sizing is not an issue like other garments, most people like them with a little room to spare, the name that comes to mind for terry robes will one day be Tisseron, the obvious choice, but for now, it is a secret we will share with you here, as these robes are not available in retail stores, only exclusively from the online boutique. Now available in USA, these European designs are unlike anything in the bathrobe context you have ever seen, innovative jacquard weaves, multiple choices in fabric weights to satisfy from plush to lightweight, they are soft cotton, and they  satisfy the most regal tastes, a perfect gift for any occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, housewarmings, even just a plain thank you for a business associate. No need to scour the malls, just make life easy by searching online under ‘luxury bathrobes’ and you will find Tisseron, the iconic name in terry robes for ladies.

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