Cooler Nights Snuggled Up In Plush Robes

As  the summer heat dissipates, and the nights become cooler, one might think about the pleasures of getting into plush robes and snuggling up to your spouse, watching a fire, maybe listening to some great music on Pandora, with a glass of wine. Red wine is now the choice as white wine is the summer favorite, the leaves are about to change color, the kids are back in school, and the hot tub on the back deck is now  in the conversation where it wasn’t when it you were in the summer heat.

As the stress levels rise as the job gets more intense, the kids activities ramp up, there is more of a need to maintain that inner peace occasionally that lounging in a bathrobe is so peculiarly able to do. Your attitude and relaxation mode are strangely amplified, like a shield around you that says I am off duty and chilling out in my favorite comfortable garment, and when you do it together, it can lead to feeling connected, and, maybe romance! Whereas in the summer the comfortable way to go is the least amount of clothing, shorts, T shirt, sandals, the idea that the cold weather is coming, even snow, can be a sobering thought. But if you embrace the cooler weather, and participate in  winter recreation like skiing, afterwards in front of the fire at the chalet,  it can be memorable. Make it a habit to get into that robe, and even though it is 72F or thereabouts indoors whether it is summer or winter, a plush comfortable robe of organic cotton terry velour might make it even better.

If you are one of the few that does not have one, then it is time to think about getting one for you both, luxury bathrobes have long been the perfect gift for every occasion, and an easy thing to buy for someone because sizing is not an issue like with other clothes, people like a roomy robe as long as it is soft and comfortable. They can be worn over bare skin, or over pajamas, they are versatile, and if you want something better than the middling offerings on Amazon for $60, with their free shipping offers, then you need to look online for the retailers that sell only plush luxury robes,  and the best way to find them is to type in those very keywords to see their collections. They will offer you sizing advice, the option to monogram initials on them, complimentary gift boxes, even message cards indicating your love for the recipient.

For a practical gift that will actually get used, and not be ignored like a hideous necktie, or humorous lingerie, it is difficult to imagine another gift that can create a lifestyle change toward regular relaxation than the bathrobe. Who knows, they might love their plush robes so much that they become home based bathrobe CEO’s who rule their domain in ultimate comfort. But, snugging up together might be the first priority as we look to the coming snowflakes and shorter days.

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