Colorful Bathrobes for Bachelorettes

When the task has fallen on your shoulders to organize a bachelorette party you must consider carefully what the bride would really enjoy. Some ladies love a wild adventure partying the night away with the alcohol flowing. Others might prefer something a little more peaceful! What better way for the bride and her special friends to enjoy a fabulous day before the wedding than a pampering session at a luxury spa?

The Spa

A trip to a spa can easily be organized to become an all-day event and then continue into the evening. Choose a luxurious venue with excellent facilities and book a range of treatments and perhaps factor in some time in the pool. Most bachelorette parties involve the group dressing appropriately for the occasion and in this instance matching spa bathrobes would be ideal.

You could make the colorful spa bathrobes your wedding gift to the bride as Tisseron robes are delivered in beautiful gift boxes. Alternatively each girl could pay for their own bathrobe. After all everyone will certainly want to keep them to use again. The women’s white robe with gold trim would be the ideal choice. These spa bathrobes are incredibly luxurious and bridal white, how perfect!


Great Choices

robes for women

Tisseron robes for women


If you need a different color robe to fit with the theme of the wedding no problem! Tisseron has bathrobes to suit all needs. There are lightweight options too, like the women’s lightweight cream velour robe with black trim pictured here. To personalize your occasion why not get these luxury robes monogrammed for an additional flourish? Spend a luxurious day at the spa for your bachelorette party with the whole group dressed in their gorgeous robes and then enjoy a lovely meal with some good wine in the evening to top off the event. It is a classy and memorable way to spend a special day and all the girls will have their spa bathrobes as souvenirs of the occasion. Don’t forget the camera!