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Care and Maintenance of Terry Cloth Bathrobes

First of all, Turkish cotton is legendary for it’s softness and absorbency, hence the reason terry cloth was invented in Turkey centuries ago. The  baths that are so common in the  Turkish culture  required a fabric that would be perfect for this purpose. Terry cloth bathrobes from Turkey are the best in the world, and organic cotton is grown  in fields using bio-pesticides for sustainability.

The word ‘terry’ comes from the French word ‘tirer’ meaning to pull or draw out, which is how terry cloth loops were created in the earlier days.

Terry cloth has loops that are designed to absorb water off the bare skin, so this is what you will always find on the inside of a high quality bathrobe. But on  the outside of bathrobes that are velour, the loop pile on one side has been sheared off by a sharp blade on the power looms when the fabric is made on the loom, so it is softer to the touch than looped terry cloth.

Care and Maintenance of Terry Cloth Bathrobes


For washing terry cloth bathrobes, first of all make certain that you wash them separately, for several   reasons. The first time  you  machine  wash them, there will be a large amount of lint residue that comes from the outside velour where the loops have been shaved off to create a velvety softness. Again, this is only on the first wash, make certain you clean out your lint trap on your washing machine. But it is important to wash without any other garment so that the lint does not get onto other garments, or vice versa. Also, you do not want to wash it with another garment that maybe has a zipper that will snag the loops on the terry fabric.


You do not want colors from one garment to affect the color of another, so wash in COLD water. Use gentle cycle so the garment will last longer through more cumulative washes through it’s lifespan.


Bleach weakens fabric, if there is a stain you need to remove, use a stain remover spray specifically on that spot.


Bathrobes do not typically get dirty like other garments you wear, prolong the garment life with mild detergent.


Any cotton garment will shrink a little, terry cloth will shrink less and fluff more in low heat.


Terry cloth bathrobes tend to keep their shape with no folds or creases, so ironing is not necessary

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