Bathrobes as gifts

Bathrobes: Snugly Comfort that No One Wants to Leave

There is no article of clothing that personifies comfort as bathrobes do. It is the inexplicable feeling that is matched only by lying over a pile of Vicuna wool (allegedly the finest natural fabric known to man!). What bathrobes mean to a person could be different than what they mean to others. For some, it’s only to be used while changing to work clothes after taking a shower and for others it may be the ultimate piece of clothing that must be used straight after taking a bath, while eating breakfast, watching the favorite series, lounging in the sun, or even when taking a nap. It’s amazing to see how creative people can get when it comes to using bathrobes!

The best thing about terry bathrobes is their absorption power that seamlessly replaces the use of towels. Put one on right after a shower and in no time the long uncut loops of terry will soak up all that water to give a cozy and warm feel. In fact, they are so addictive that you’ll have a hard time getting out them (some people wish that they were included in the work dress code as well!). Nevertheless, there are plenty of other places that are just ideal for some bathrobe time.

Sitting beside the pool after a dip could leave you cold & wet and a towel might not be able to do the trick. A terry or velour bathrobe at that point would be nothing short of a godsend. The word spa itself is so soothing and all that pampering with massages, oils, sauna, mud-therapy, etc. may feel just like heaven on earth. Our luxurious pre-shrunk spa bathrobes with slimline pockets are made from 100% organic cotton to provide the same utmost comfort that you’ll get by bathrobes in premium spas. If you’re going on a cruising charter (in some tropical paradise like the Great Barrier Reef, Australia), don’t forget to pack your bathrobe that will keep you fresh & dry all day long.