Bathrobes Seizing Power from the Hands of Ancestral Towels

There have been some heated debates about why so many people have started to side with bathrobes and left towels high and dry (no pun intended!). In many European countries use of a bathrobe after a shower (instead of a towel) is quite normal; while, some other prefer towels to quickly dry off their body and then get into a cozy bathrobe. Where bathrobes beat towels hands down is in the usage department because they are as acceptable outdoors as they are indoors (of course, that doesn’t mean that you can wear them to your office as well). Some of the compelling points that will force you to get serious about bathrobes are briefly discussed below.

Towels Could be Dangerous When You Live with Friends

The distance from your bathroom to your closet is not advisable to be covered wearing a towel. Your guests or roommates may barge in forgetting to knock first. A long-length bathrobe such as our 52 inch (132 cm) luxurious bathrobes for women & men can save you from any embarrassment that could occur. Apart from wearing a robe inside your house, you can use it on the beach, at the poolside, spa, lounging in your front yard, on a cruise ship, etc. Hence, the comfort & warmth of a bathrobe is not restricted to the interiors.

Feeling Cold?, here’s your Bathrobe

After a quick dip in the pool or ocean, you might feel cold as your towel may not be able to cover your body properly. A plush bathrobe at this moment will help you to stay dry and at the same time provide that ultimate coziness that will make every inch of your body feel relaxed. Imagine coming back from work and getting drenched by the unexpected rain. What do you do? Put on a luxurious terry bathrobe (a hot cup of cocoa, is optional) and within minutes you’ll feel completely dry and cozy.

Girls’ Night In Calls for Some Quality Bathrobe Time

If you are planning on a movie night in with your girlfriends that includes a dash of manicures & pedicures, then comfy bathrobes could be an excellent addition to a crazy spa night. Put on some luxurious terry bathrobes and have some fun girl-time with those inevitable rom-coms.

Who needs Towels Anymore!

Well, you still need them for your hair & hands, but you can cut on your towel expenses by buying a quality bathrobe. As aforementioned, a bathrobe can replace your towel in almost every situation and provides unparalleled comfort and warmth. It’s your trusted companion while you’re getting ready for work, relaxing at home, or going to bed. Try one for yourself and fell in love with this amazing article of clothing.