Tips for Taking Bathrobes for Ladies on Vacation with You

If you are planning a vacation, you might be wondering whether or not you should bring your bathrobe along with you in your luggage. Bathrobes for ladies can be a bulky item to pack, but there are many advantages to having your robe along with you on your trip.

Bathrobes for ladies can really come in handy when you are travelling. If you are going back from the hotel swimming pool and you don’t want to get changed, you can simply slip your robe over your wet swimsuit. You can wear it while lounging around so that if you need to answer the door for room service you will be decent. Bathrobes for ladies are great for wearing while you are getting ready to go out. Also, sometimes the hotel duvet is too warm but the sheet is not warm enough, so a bathrobe makes the perfect lightweight blanket.

Should I Take My Robe?

You have a beautiful bathrobe at home that you love to wear and that would be wonderful to have on your vacation. Should you make room for it in your luggage?

One of the factors to consider is whether or not your hotel, resort or cruise will likely offer complimentary use of bathrobes. Many of the higher end hotels, spas, cruises and resorts have bathrobes for their guests. They aren’t free, as you will be charged if you don’t give them back after your stay, but they are provided for your use while you are there. If this is the case, you don’t need to bring your own robe so make sure you call ahead and check.

Another thing to consider is how bulky your particular robe is. Some bathrobes for women are made with thick fabric such as cotton terry and no matter how tightly you fold them they will take up half of your luggage. In this case, it might not be a practical idea to take your robe because your bag will be too full and you won’t have enough room for other clothes.

However, there are types of bathrobes for ladies which are suitable for traveling because they are made from thinner and more lightweight materials such as pique or lightweight velour. If you have a robe like this, you might find that it is perfect for traveling with.

Tips for Traveling with Bathrobes for Ladies

If you have decided to take your bathrobe along with you on your vacation, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • When you pack your robe in your luggage, make sure that it is perfectly dry. If you keep a wet robe sealed in your luggage while in transit, it will make your other clothes damp and start to smell musty.

  • When packing your robe, make sure that any sharp objects such as tweezers, hair pins or nail files are kept in a separate bag, so they do not catch on the fibers in the fabric and damage your robe.

  • Find out the proper bathrobe etiquette of your hotel or resort. For example, it might be appropriate to wear them by the pool but not in the bar or café.


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