Bathrobes for Ladies – Show Your Natural Side

Being a woman holds a lot of allure and mystery and most of the time when you leave the house you will have spent some time carefully constructing your appearance. You will be wearing makeup, have your hair done, be sporting a push up bra and maybe even high heels. Your outward appearance will be a put-together and polished version of yourself that conveys to the world exactly what you want to convey. However, bathrobes for ladies are for when you want to shed that exterior and show your natural beauty.

When you head off to the office or out for a formal dinner, you are presenting a perfected version of yourself. It may be more professional, but not always the most comfortable. After a few hours, your feet start to hurt from the high heels and your elaborate hairdo starts to annoy you. As fun as it is to look glamorous for a while, it is also very comforting to return home and slip into something soft and fuzzy. With luxurious bathrobes for ladies, you can wear something beautiful and elegant, while relaxing in your own home.

Don’t worry though, just because you will feel more comfortable doesn’t mean that you will turn into the ultimate unattractive slouch. Our elegant and finely detailed bathrobes create the perfect balance between beautiful and comfortable, so that you can relax while still looking 100% like a gorgeous lady.

Julia Roberts Wearing Pretty Bathrobes for ladies

One of the best examples of this is demonstrated by Julia Roberts in the ultimate classic romantic comedy Pretty Woman. When Edward the high powered businessman (played by Richard Gere) meets her character Vivian and takes her back to his hotel room, she is dressed up in the “uniform” of her trade – high heeled boots, a tight revealing dress and a blonde wig.

However, after a night of paid-for passion, Vivian emerges the next morning in a soft lightweight woven white robe. She has taken off her fake blond bob and let her cascade of long red hair come tumbling down. It is at this moment that the “real Vivian” makes her appearance, a very funny, playful, smart and yet sweet and innocent young woman. It is at this point that Edward starts to fall in love with her for who she really is.

The image of gorgeous Julia Roberts in that simple white bathrobe with her red curls tumbling around her shoulders is one of the most beautiful depictions of bathrobes for ladies in films. She completely epitomizes the natural beauty look and the effect is unforgettable.

Your work uniform may not be that of a ‘lady of the night’, but the effect of slipping out of your work clothes and into an elegant and feminine bathrobe is still the same. You will captivate with a more casual, carefree and relaxed side of you while still being hypnotic with your feminine elegance.


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