Bathrobes For Men-The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Every Father’s Day you have the same question, what should I buy for Dad?

Everyone loves a good bathrobe and almost every adult has at least one bathrobe or housecoat. Bathrobes for men make the perfect gift because they are not as size specific as other garments. It is easy to determine sizing because there is a large ‘forgiveness’ margin in bathrobes and people do not mind having their robe a little roomy.

But Dad probably would not go out and buy himself a new one even if his current bathrobe is pretty beat up. He is not alone, most people do not get around to getting a good bathrobe, and maybe this is because it is not something anyone outside the house actually sees them in.

Tisseron Design offers the world’s largest collection of elegant European style designer 100% organic cotton bathrobes for men. Order online and it arrives in a complimentary gift box, and you can create your own message to Dad with the handwritten gift card.

But, the best part is the choice of fabrics and colors  that will convey your love for your father. You can choose his favorite color! Embroider his initials to personalize it and you have the perfect gift for Father’s Day. The bathrobe will remind him of your love for years to come every time he puts it on.

Choosing The Optimal Size When You Purchase Bathrobes for Men

Bathrobes are an easy fitting garment. The beauty of bathrobes is that even if Dad has been eating well over the years bathrobes offer ample overwrap on the waistline. This means the ‘sweep’ is often 56” or 60”, allowing for plenty of room for one’s girth. The best vendors offer different sizes and they will likely tell you on their website the dimensions of the bathrobes, or tell you what would fit someone that is for example 6’1” and 200 lbs. as Tisseron does on each page.

To determine the best size to order for someone, if possible, simply measure their old bathrobe! But, do not go by what the old robe’s size tag might say because it might say ‘Large’ but bathrobe sizing is not standardized. Measure the length of the robe, it may be 48”, 52” long or more. The length is determined where the back of the neck seam that is attached to the collar, runs down to the hem. This will tell you if the robe falls to the ankles, below the knees, or mid-calf etc.

If you don’t have Dad’s old bathrobe to go by, we offer size selection advice on all of our bathrobes for men product pages. So go check them out and give Dad a gift he will love every single day for years to come.

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