Reasons Why Robes for Ladies Are Better Than Towels

When you step out of the bath or shower and you are dripping wet and cold, there are two ways that you could dry off. You could use a towel or you could wrap yourself up in a fuzzy 100% organic cotton terry bathrobe. Terry bathrobes for ladies are very absorbent and they are able to wick away all the water on your skin to get you dry in an instant. But why is wearing bathrobes for ladies better than using a towel after your shower?

Advantages of Bathrobes for Ladies

There are a number of advantages that bathrobes for ladies have over towels, making them a much better option to dry yourself with.

You Can Wrap Up In Them

When you are using a towel to dry, you have to wrap it in a sort of toga around yourself, but this is never very warm at all if you wrap the towel around your shoulders your  body will be cold, but if you wrap it around your body your shoulders will be cold.

If you use bathrobes for women instead, you can wrap the entire bathrobe around yourself for maximum comfort. The bathrobe covers more surface area of your body, which means that you will dry off a lot faster.

They are More Modest

Sometimes after a bath or a shower you want to relax for a bit before getting dressed again. If you have roommates or family members around the house, it might be awkward or inappropriate to lounge around in a towel after your shower. Towels can be quite revealing, especially when they slip around!

When you have nice fuzzy robes for ladies, you can be covered up modestly while still being incredibly comfortable. It wouldn’t appropriate to answer the door in a towel, but if you needed to you could answer the door while wearing terry cloth robes for ladies .

They Are Multipurpose

Robes for ladies are not just for drying off after the shower. They can also be used to keep you warm on a chilly winter’s day. They are so cozy and fuzzy that they will make you feel comfortable no matter how cold the temperature is outside. In fact, if you have a warm bathrobe to wear around the house in the mornings you can keep the thermostat a few degrees colder and save money on your heating bills.

Robes for ladies are also great for the purpose of simply having something to throw on in the mornings when you go to let the dog out or get the mail. You aren’t ready to get dressed, but you don’t want to be out on your front step in your pajamas.  Robes for ladies are an acceptable thing to wear in these circumstances.

These are just a few of the reasons why robes for ladies are much better than towels. Of course, towels have their purpose too, but every woman should be able to enjoy the comfort of a fuzzy terry cloth bathrobe.

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