Bathrobes For Women

Bathrobes For Women – Crucial When You Have Lost Your PJ’s

Bathrobes often get left at home instead of being taken on vacation because they can be bulky and use up too much luggage space. The truth is that ladies should always find space for their bathrobes regardless because you never know what is going to happen to you whilst you are away.

Hotel Rooms and Bathrobes

Tisseron offer some beautiful lightweight bathrobes for women and men which are ideal for travelling. Very classy and incredibly soft, robes like the women’s lightweight white velour robe with olive trim pictured here are simply ideal for travelling and you could end up being very grateful that you packed one. Whilst relaxing in your room in your nightdress or pyjamas is perfectly fine whoever you are sharing with things can get a bit tricky if you lose your PJ’s. Nudity is no problem if your room mate is your husband but not so great if you are with friends and believe me it is possible to lose your PJ’s. It happened to me!


The Waldorf

I was staying at the world famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City and returned to my room after a long day taking in the sights. I got undressed and then looked for my PJ’s but they had disappeared from where I had left them on the bed. I figured that the domestics had swept them up with the sheets and so I called the front desk to enquire after their whereabouts. I had visions of never seeing them again as they were probably lost in the enormous amount of laundry generated by the hotel.

I was sharing the room with a friend and so you see this is where Patterned bathrobes for women really come in handy. I slipped mine on (the rather swanky pique robe with white blue trim pictured here) and so did not have to put my street clothes back on to relax in the room.I should have had the robe monogrammed in case they lost that as well!

The next morning there was a knock at my door. I peeped through the spy hole to see who was knocking and there was a hotel employee outside of my door holding a silver platter with a domed lid. I thought they were delivering my breakfast but when I opened the door they removed the silver dome with a flourish to reveal my neatly pressed Pyjamas!