Luxurious Bathrobes

Bathrobes – Be Kind to Your Skin

Luxurious bathrobes are the perfect garments to relax in wherever you happen to be. At home or on vacation the soft fabric and relaxed fit will ensure your comfort. bathrobes are particularly excellent choice as they are very kind to your skin.

There is no substitute for the luxury of natural fibres but cotton production can be harmful to the environment and detrimental to health. Cotton production accounts for 55% of the world’s cultivated land but over 75% of the chemical fertilisers and insecticides used. These potentially harmful chemicals pollute the air and leech into the water table damaging both the eco system and the health of cotton workers around the globe. A proportion of the harmful fertilisers and insecticides remain in the cotton and the garments from which it is fashioned. These residues can irritate the skin and make their way into our bodies. It is not yet known what the long term implications to health may be.

Organic cotton is produced without harmful chemicals utilising natural materials and methods to cultivate and protect the crop. The resulting cotton is totally safe and preserves the natural environment for future generations. Organic cotton bathrobes like the women’s white zigzag weave spa robe pictured here can worn close to your skin again and again without fear of irritation.

In order to protect the environment and to preserve the health of millions of people around the planet it is important to support the production of organic cotton. By wearing an bathrobe you can show your support for ethical production whilst ensuring that you are wearing the most luxurious fabrics which will be kind to your skin. Organic cotton bathrobes like the green ribbed plush robe featured here are the ultimate in luxury and kind to the planet too. What could be better?