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Is It Not Possible To Find Great Robes For Women?

If you think that you want to find  really nice robes for women, and you want something that is not a housecoat, or lingerie, but a really nice bathrobe that she would wear right out of the shower or bath on bare skin, or even over pajamas, where do you look?

When you think robes, you might be stifling yawns, because the preconceived idea of women’s bathrobes in general is that they cannot really offer any sense of style, they aree just something that is worn indoors, the choice of fabrics is not like the fashion world of clothing worn out of the house for business or leisure where the styles and colors are unlimited. Continue reading

Cooler Nights Snuggled Up In Plush Robes

As  the summer heat dissipates, and the nights become cooler, one might think about the pleasures of getting into plush robes and snuggling up to your spouse, watching a fire, maybe listening to some great music on Pandora, with a glass of wine. Red wine is now the choice as white wine is the summer favorite, the leaves are about to change color, the kids are back in school, and the hot tub on the back deck is now  in the conversation where it wasn’t when it you were in the summer heat. Continue reading

The Joys of Board Games In Your Terry Bathrobe

Most everyone has a bathrobe whether it be women or men, and the most popular and common choice is the terry bathrobe. If you are the type that likes to lounge and hang out in your bathrobe, invariably you will have to find ways to amuse yourself when doing so. There is a communal feeling when people get together to play board games, such as Trivial Pursuits, Monopoly, Scrabble,  or the like. If there is a holiday get together, this offers the perfect chance for everyone to interact across generations, because let’s face it, with smart phones and all the electronic distractions we have today, it is tough enough for the average family to sit down and eat dinner together. It is gratifying to see grandchildren playing with grandparents, and in bathrobes, you can rest assured that they will patiently play and enjoy it. Continue reading

Everyone’s Favorite Terry Bathrobes for ladies

In all consumer categories, there is usually a market leader that is the preferred choice for whatever commodity these companies sell. When you think of smartphones, or tablets, one thinks of Apple, though there are other vendors that offer products that are just as competitive, but Apple leaps to mind for most, and that is because a brand has been developed with a great perception in the marketplace. There are endless other possibilities like Coach handbags, or Nike athletic shoes, HaagenDaaz ice cream. These names are synonymous with offering the best product in their category, and have religiously cultivated through, quality, customer service, and advertising to build mind share, the idea that their name is the first to leap to mind when one thinks about their product category. When new products come to market, there is often a lengthy period before they can hope to attain such prominence. Continue reading

Terry Bathrobes and Slippers Make Any Day Better

Some days are better than others, some days you remember all your life, often not for good reasons.

The best occasions are landmark days like when you got married, engaged, had your first child, your birthday that ended in a ‘0’ where you were completely surprised as your husband got all your out of town friends and relatives to show up for that milestone celebration. But, other days occur when nothing seems to be going right, the kids are sick, or your job is becoming too much, you might have crunched the fender on your car against the neighbor’s car when backing out of the driveway. Continue reading

8 Excuses For Spending The Day In Your Terry Bathrobe

Well, there are plenty of times when you can choose not to go out to face the world. Just taking a stay-cation to another level, not even going out of the house is something most of us might not consider doing but it is possible to conquer the world while in your bathrobe at home. Needless to say, as we are connected by so many devices to the internet it really is not as solitary as it once was to be all day in your terry bathrobe. You can be a bathrobe CEO and conduct your business on your PC, smartphone, but you better make sure your contacts do not see you in the robe or they will be jealous, or maybe not take you seriously. Someone in a bathrobe all day is having it both ways, that might not fly with others. Continue reading

OMG Women’s Bathrobes

Tisseron Breaks Through Women’s Bathrobes Boredom

‘Oh my god’, I have never seen women’s bathrobes like these! I did not know any retailer sold robes like these!

Can you imagine anyone getting excited about bathrobes, except us at Tisseron? You have looked for bathrobes in the past, and it was a discouraging search in that all the retailers online or physical stores sold the same old thing. They certainly did not match the elevated taste that you expect when you have purchased other things you love, like that favorite handbag, shoes, the particular pattern in the Carrera stone in your bathroom that all make your sense of style a personal statement. Continue reading

Stylish Bathrobes with Different Colors

Tisseron Redefines Men’s Bathrobes

If you were to ask guys what garment they wear that makes them most comfortable, it might not be one that anyone sees them in outside their home. More often than not, Men’s bathrobes will be their answer. When they have one on, they feel that they are in relaxation mode, and though it might not be seen by others, outside one’s own family. That does not mean that the boring old bathrobe has to be  plain and uninspiring. Expect better when you go to buy one.  Look online, and you will see the same old thing at many of the retailers websites, waffle weave, white terry, fleece, etc. Why can’t you find men’s bathrobes that have some design sensibilities? Continue reading

Designer Men’s Robes For Loungewear

When men are lounging, which is synonymous with doing nothing constructive except enjoying oneself doing nothing, you need to have the right outfit to do it in. Why would a man  be dressed any other way when hanging out around the house than in a robe, which indicates to everyone else in the immediate vicinity that he is ‘off duty’. Just one look at the robe says ‘I want to watch the game in peace, give me my space, so I can relax and regenerate’. It is why people like to get home from work and get out of their monkey suit and get into something comfortable. Then going one step further than that, donning Men’s robes means you are reducing your stress levels even more. When does one not feel good when in a bathrobe? Continue reading

Why Are Bathrobes For Men Usually Boring?

Did you ever try to find really nice bathrobes for men and come up a little disappointed?  Were your expectations such that you hoped that you might find something a little better than what you have seen in the department store chains like Nordstrom, or Saks, or Macy’s? They offer the same thing, plaid flannel or lightweight with maybe some piping on the cuffs and shawl collar, or just the plain terry robe that sports a polo logo and hence is marked up as though that is some sign of distinction. Continue reading