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Mens Bathrobes- Reasons Guys Like Luxury Bathrobes

Tisseron makes men of the boys when it comes to mens bathrobes

In the world of bathrobes there are His and Hers although here at Tisseron we’ve found of late that there’s definitely more ‘His’ flying out the shop door than ‘Hers’.

What’s with the huge uptake in luxury mens bathrobes we wondered? But not for long. After doing a quick survey around the shop and with a handful of customers we came up with the following conclusion: Continue reading


Pack Lightweight Bathrobes for Your Cruise

Some  Cruise Lines offer complimentary use of bathrobes as a reward for repeat customers or you may have use of one only if you have paid premium pricing for your first class cabin. Therefore, if you do not have use of a bathrobe you should consider the many advantages of having one onboard. Instead of using valuable space in your suitcase for your everyday robe consider a lightweight bathrobes that fold up to the size of a shirt or sweater. Continue reading

Luxury Bathrobes – Celebs in Bathrobes

Tisseron tracks down the celebs who refuse to be parted from their bathrobes

Here at Tisseron bathrobes we were amused – and rather heartened it has to be said – to note that UK singer and celeb Pixie Lott loves the luxury and comfort of her favourite bathrobe so much that she actually wore it to rehearsals for a concert in London’s plush Royal Albert Halls earlier this month where she was later to perform in front of thousands of fans for a charity Continue reading

Bridesmaid’s Bathrobes Create a Splash at Spa Days

When it comes to preparing for a wedding well let’s face it, it can all get a tad stressful and out of hand at times – not  just for the bride but also her mother and, especially, her bridesmaids (we can forget about the groom at this point as he’s probably ‘given everything over to the bride anyhow’ in delighted resignation). Continue reading

Bathrobes For Men-The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Every Father’s Day you have the same question, what should I buy for Dad?

Everyone loves a good bathrobe and almost every adult has at least one bathrobe or housecoat. Bathrobes for men make the perfect gift because they are not as size specific as other garments. It is easy to determine sizing because there is a large ‘forgiveness’ margin in bathrobes and people do not mind having their robe a little roomy. Continue reading

Luxurious Bathrobes

Luxury Bathrobes As Bridal And Wedding Party Gifts

Luxury Bathrobes – More appreciated than engraved glassware

If one considers what makes a great gift, often it is something that the recipient would not have purchased for themselves. Though luxury bathrobes are one of the most practical and successful gifts because sizing is not a typical issue as with other garments. Run of the mill bathrobes are often perceived as unexciting, in that they often look like a white bath towel with sleeves. But, in this age of design, there are luxury bathrobes designers that have endeavored to elevate the bathrobe utilizing fashion design principles. Designer bathrobes can be both practical and luxurious. Continue reading

Luxurious Spa Robes

Plush Robes or Lightweight Bathrobes – Which is the Best Gift?

When it comes to buying gifts, plush robes are a popular choice. What does ‘plush’ mean? Often, people think of plush in terms of a substantial terry cloth fabric that is soft and absorbent. But there are different fabric weights, and when shopping for bathrobes, one will encounter terms like ’14 oz terry’ Continue reading