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Terry Bathrobes VS Velour Bathrobes

Plush Robe – Improved Comfort and Relaxation

Who doesn’t love the feeling of getting out of a warm relaxing shower and then being met with an even more comfortable and relaxing plush robe?  The feeling is truly second to none; having one certainly beats meeting the cold air outside of your shower as you frantically rush to put on your clothes.  When you have one you can take your time as you slowly get out of the shower not risking a fall and injuring yourself. Continue reading

Natural Luxury That Is Easy On The Environment

When one looks to buy organic cotton bathrobes, they may wonder exactly what is involved in creating this soft and practical garment that is so popular that almost everyone has one. If you choose organic cotton, and it is Turkish organic cotton where terry cloth was invented and has been made for centuries the procedures for conventional and organic are different. Continue reading

Personalized Bathrobes Make Unique Corporate Gifts

Personalized Bathrobes – Corporate Gifts With a Statement of Luxury

The occasion in the professional or corporate environment when gifts are considered can range from incentives, congratulations on promotions, length of service, or reaching outside the company to thank clients or suppliers for a job well done. The corporate gift choices are extensive. Continue reading

Luxurious Spa Robes

Care and Maintenance of Terry Cloth Bathrobes

First of all, Turkish cotton is legendary for it’s softness and absorbency, hence the reason terry cloth was invented in Turkey centuries ago. The  baths that are so common in the  Turkish culture  required a fabric that would be perfect for this purpose. Terry cloth bathrobes from Turkey are the best in the world, and organic cotton is grown  in fields using bio-pesticides for sustainability. Continue reading

Terry Bathrobes VS Velour Bathrobes

Terry Cloth Bathrobes – How is Terry Cloth Made?

What is terry cloth?

Terry cloth is a very thick textured fabric that is super absorbent. This absorbency makes it the perfect fabric for terry cloth bathrobes and toweling. It is generally made of 100% cotton or polyester-cotton and can be manufactured in various weights from lightweight to very dense and luxurious. The difference in weight is a result of the number and length of the loops in the fabric. As a rule, the heavier the fabric, the more moisture it can absorb and the more luxurious it feels. Continue reading

Pool Robes

Pool Robes are better than towels

So you have a great backyard pool that gets lots of use, and you possibly have a little pool shed or cabana where you keep towels for the kids and adults. Likely, you do not use white or light colored for outdoor use for obvious reasons. Here is an idea instead of the ubiquitous beach towel consider bathrobes, or we can create a new term, pool robes. Continue reading