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Bathrobes Seizing Power from the Hands of Ancestral Towels

There have been some heated debates about why so many people have started to side with bathrobes and left towels high and dry (no pun intended!). In many European countries use of a bathrobe after a shower (instead of a towel) is quite normal; while, some other prefer towels to quickly dry off their body and then get into a cozy bathrobe. Where bathrobes beat towels hands down is in the usage department because they are as acceptable outdoors as they are indoors (of course, that doesn’t mean that you can wear them to your office as well). Some of the compelling points that will force you to get serious about bathrobes are briefly discussed below. Continue reading

Is Bathrobe a Solution to your Gift-Selection Woes?

You bet it is! We all have struggled with the perennial problem of selecting the right gift for someone and after failing miserably in doing so, went for the safe option of a gift card. It became imperative to find a product that appeals to everyone which also has high utility & perceived value. And voila! a plush & comfortable bathrobe emerged to make gift-giving a pleasure. You just can’t go wrong with a bathrobe as a gift and below we have tried to amass some reasons why. Continue reading

Bathrobes as gifts

Bathrobes: Snugly Comfort that No One Wants to Leave

There is no article of clothing that personifies comfort as bathrobes do. It is the inexplicable feeling that is matched only by lying over a pile of Vicuna wool (allegedly the finest natural fabric known to man!). What bathrobes mean to a person could be different than what they mean to others. For some, it’s only to be used while changing to work clothes after taking a shower and for others it may be the ultimate piece of clothing that must be used straight after taking a bath, while eating breakfast, watching the favorite series, lounging in the sun, or even when taking a nap. It’s amazing to see how creative people can get when it comes to using bathrobes! Continue reading

Luxurious Spa Robes

Tips for Maintaining Quality & Fluffiness of Terry Bathrobes

Bathrobes are made for providing comfort with a touch of panache and they seamlessly perform this job every day for us. You might think that your bathrobe doesn’t require washing frequently and monthly washing is more than enough. But like any other article of clothing, they attract dust and dirt from the environment on regular basis. So your clean looking robe is actually not that clean and requires a full wash cycle approximately after every 3-4 uses. Some of the handy tips that can help in maintaining quality of your bathrobe for years to come are briefly discussed below. Continue reading

Terry Bathrobes VS Velour Bathrobes

Understanding the Difference Between Terry and Velour Bathrobes

When it comes to bathrobes, the buying decision for most us is dependent on how cozy we feel wearing them; however, the fabric and finishing process used are critical factors that determine whether a robe is appropriate for a particular climate or purpose. While shopping for a bathrobe, it is important to remember that terry and velour are not fabrics as they refer to the finishing process used to make a piece of clothing. These different types of finishing could be done on natural fibers (cotton, bamboo, etc.) as well as on synthetic fibers (like microfiber). Continue reading

Luxurious Bathrobes

Experience Absolute Comfort & Style with Our Luxurious Tisseron Terry Bathrobes

Bathrobes are made to serve a singular purpose: comfort. It’s all about relaxing and feeling the utmost softness of terry against your skin. While out in the sun or unwinding at home, a bathrobe could be your ultimate companion. After all, there aren’t many among us who could resist the panache and coziness of these wonderful robes. Unlike what people used to think about bathrobes, today the possibilities are endless when it comes to design, color, and places where you can wear them. Continue reading

Spa Bathrobes

Feel Cozy and Comfortable with Spa Bathrobes

 Spa bathrobes are widely seen at spa saloons and hotels. When you visit spa centers, you are given a specially crafted robe, which soaks water drops from your body, and keeps you warm and relaxed, after the massage and in the steam room. Some people buy spa robes to wear at their home. These garments are so comfortable; they give you a contented feel with their soft rub. To feel cozy and comfortable, you should invest in correct spa robes. The article describes a few ways to get the best spa bathrobes – Continue reading