8 Excuses For Spending The Day In Your Terry Bathrobe

Well, there are plenty of times when you can choose not to go out to face the world. Just taking a stay-cation to another level, not even going out of the house is something most of us might not consider doing but it is possible to conquer the world while in your bathrobe at home. Needless to say, as we are connected by so many devices to the internet it really is not as solitary as it once was to be all day in your terry bathrobe. You can be a bathrobe CEO and conduct your business on your PC, smartphone, but you better make sure your contacts do not see you in the robe or they will be jealous, or maybe not take you seriously. Someone in a bathrobe all day is having it both ways, that might not fly with others.

Before we presume that just because you are in your bathrobe all day, that you must be indoors, or at home, let’s look at other possibilities. You might not have to wander too far if you were to hang out at the backyard pool, bathing suit underneath the robe, maybe a swim, then some lunch on the deck, another swim etc. Or, you might be inclined to do the same in your hot tub. Or you might be out on the water on your sailboat or motorboat, the bathrobe keeps you from frying in the sun, as well as keeps you warm after swimming off the platform. You could be at the cottage, or at your ski chalet, you could wander the neighborhood if you don’t worry what your neighbors might think.

But in the end, here are some excuses for never getting around to getting ‘dressed’ as such, and staying in your terry bathrobe for the day.

1. ‘I cannot take off this bathrobe, it is too comfortable’.

Now this could become problematic, because if you cannot bring yourself to get into something other than your bathrobe for one day, it might carry over to more than one day, and become habitual. At that point, you may be on the road to living with too many cats, morphing into a hermit with poor hygiene, planning a governmental overthrow. Draw the line, one day and done, once a year.

2. ‘Bad Hair Day’

If there is no way to get your hair to cooperate, then there is no point going to the closet to find an outfit that will make it look better, surrender now, stay home all day in your robe, maybe when you get up tomorrow it will be more manageable, but you may have to try new shampoo.

3. ‘Blizzard Day’

All those snow belt residents know this drill, if you live in Arizona, never mind. When the streets get inches of snow, schools close, it is dangerous to drive because the snow removal will not get to your street until Wednesday, no sense fighting it, let the pizza delivery guy try to get to your door, you just relax in your bathrobe until spring melt.

3. ‘Tornado Watch’

No reason to leave the basement, if the tornado comes and levels off the upper floors of your house, you are safely inside in your bathrobe, but make sure the best and biggest TV is down there near the beer fridge, same goes for hurricanes, comfort while waiting out the danger is paramount.

4. ‘Liposuction  or Cosmetic Surgery Recovery’.

You just had that extra chin  and those bags under your eyes clipped off, or your backside reduced, now you are on painkillers, and the bruising makes you look like a raccoon for a couple weeks, so might as well go incognito for a while, and be comfortable for the duration, but after two weeks, that’s enough, you will dying to get into work.

5. ‘I Cannot Decide What To Wear Today’

So making a decision like this is tough for you, maybe you need to get some more outfits to choose from, but OK, a one day pause to reconsider what to wear tomorrow is in order, stay in your bathrobe until you figure it out.

6. ‘Work At Home Day’

Millions of Americans do this every day, it is a byproduct of connectivity, from anywhere you are you can do business in the world, so find a bathrobe that looks like business casual attire from the neck up where people can see on camera, you can fool them all, the bathrobe CEO, master of your own realm in soft terry cloth.

7. ‘It’s Your Birthday’ (substitute Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, whatever)

The kids are attending to your every need today,  a role reversal for something completely different, they make and serve you breakfast in bed, you do not get out of your bathrobe all day, you fantasize about this becoming routine, but you have to wait one calendar year.

8. ‘The Bowl Games Go From Morning Until Night’

You cannot get out of your man cave except to the bathroom and the beer fridge, the football is non stop on TV, and the day culminates in the Rose Bowl, ooops, look at the time, it flies, it is time to go to bed, it seems like just a few games ago when I got up and put on my bathrobe.

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